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Property is an investment class that Australians seem to love more than any other. Property, like shares, is considered to be a "growth" asset. While property generates income in the form of rent, most of the returns likely to be achieved by holding property will be through capital growth, as the house increases in value.

Purchasing and owning an investment property can be complex and involves making decisions on how to select it, protect it, derive income from it and when to improve or sell it. An investment property is about making money, so the criteria you use to select and purchase an investment property need to focus on why other people might want to live there, not something that simply suits your wants and needs. After all, it's an investment property and you won't be living there!

There are also many tax implications that need to be considered and understanding the benefits of "negative gearing" and "depreciation" to an investment is critical to your success as an investor. If you don't understand how these things operate and impact on your investment, then you may be missing out on some extremely valuable aspects that may be the difference between having a poor investment and a great investment.

PropertyTalk To An Expert

While most financial advisers do not specialise in property investment, Bruce Brammall Financial's founder Bruce Brammall is a property expert, with a deeper knowledge of property investment strategies and wealth management Australia than most financial advisors. He has written four books specifically on investment property, The Power of Property (2006, Wrightbooks) and Investing in Real Estate For Dummies (2008, John Wiley & Sons), Property Investment For Dummies (2013, John Wiley & Sons) and Getting Started in Property Investing For Dummies (2013, John Wiley & Sons) along with Debt Man Walking (2008, Wrightbooks), which covers property investment as part of a holistic approach to investment. Copies of those books can be purchased at our bookshop.

So, if you would like to know more about how to invest in property and manage these investments in a way that will maximise your returns, contact Bruce Brammall Financial today

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