It’s time for some spring cleaning – what are the main areas to focus on when tidying your finances?

A “spring clean” sounds so wonderful and fresh, doesn’t it? Like the perfume of crushed rose petals, scented candles or freshly mowed grass.

Well, I get hayfever. So you can take your spring cleaning and associated fragrances and …

Sorry, bit “Spring Grinchy”, I know.

Taking a broom to your finances is completely different. A little dust on your super and banking statements is the biggest threat here.

And that’s exactly where to start. Any cleaning session must restore order to your financial paperwork.

Do you have a proper filing system for your paperwork? Being able to locate savings, loans, credit card, investment and super statements is absolutely crucial.

Sadly, and boringly, paperwork (even if online) is the essence of your finances. It tells you what you’ve done with your money – and where the holes big enough to drive Mack trucks through are.

As doggedly as a dalek, you need to exterminate stupid spending, such as the gym membership that hasn’t been used since the Rolling Stones last toured Australia.

Next, exhibit some bully-boy tactics. Pick one of your debts (car or credit card) and attack it mercilessly. Plough everything into the repayments. There’s nothing like the feeling of paying off a debt. Aim to do one debt by Christmas.

Then it’s time for a threesome. Correct. You need two others – at least – to help you make financial love. First up should be an accountant and a financial adviser to help iron out your future financial needs.

Have I just killed the mood? I have, haven’t I?

Bruce Brammall is the author of Debt Man Walking ( and principal adviser with Castellan Financial Consulting.