It’s time to turn over a new financial leaf. What money matters should you be focussing on in 2015?

2015 imageCONFUCIOUS say: “Focus long enough on financial problem, it go ‘poof’ and disappear.”

Okay, the great philosopher did not say that. He’s way smarter. All the focus in the world won’t fix a problem, unless it’s backed up with actions.

What financial issues should Gen X be addressing now, in 2015? We’ve all got different problems – they’re a bit like fingerprints – but here are a few that many of us share, with some solutions.

Dud deals on your mortgage. Competition between the major banks has never been as fierce as right now. But the great deals are only being offered to new customers, or for client retention.

So, you need to become one of those. Either switch banks to become a new customer elsewhere, or twist the arm of your existing bank to improve your deal to retain you. This will usually mean threatening to walk.

And while we’re on interest rates … prepare for their eventual rise. Even if their next move is down, rates cannot stay low like this forever. I fear homeowners are going to get a big shock when they do. Get ahead on your mortgage. Get used to paying extra each month. Use your offset and redraw accounts properly.

Invest. Come on, already. Stop avoiding it. If you want something better out of life, invest you must. Regularly. The more the better.

Shares, managed funds, investment property, property trusts … if you’re not doing it, then 2015 has to be the year that you start an investment plan.

And, lastly, control that which is in your domain – how much you spend.

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Bruce Brammall Financial ( and author of Debt Man Walking.