Short of dough for Xmas shopping? Read this

Budgetting at Christmas

Well, that depends, doesn’t it? Perhaps just wriggle your way into a some $10 Kris Kringles, and you’ll be right, hey bro?

But, sadly, a tenner won’t wrap a six-pack of beer, a CD, or a even a decent box of chocolates.

And with roughly 94 Christmas drinkipoos in the next 25 days – to be followed by a hot, thirsty, January – your bar and grog shop bills are likely to be on the extreme side of ridiculous.

Bugger, it’s an expensive time of year. If you haven’t put any thought into your Christmas expenses before now, you’re in froth’n’bubble.

But I’m here to help.

Need to raise some quick cash? If you’re really desperate, you could go all “Pumpkin and Honey Bunny” from Pulp Fiction and rob a diner. “Everybody be cool! This is a robbery!”

Lie your way through a few interviews to score a top executive job with a huge sign-on bonus.

See a clairvoyant to predict your lucky lotto numbers. Go Oceans Eleven and tunnel under your local casino vault for a heist. Start a boiler room and sell dud shares.

All worthy options. Most will, however, involve subsequent jail time. While you’re in the joint, write a book about your misdemeanours! It worked for Jordan Wolf of Wall Street Belfort.

Christmas, a time when too many of us spend money we don’t have, and won’t even earn until January or February. Where would we be without credit cards?

Don’t be an idiot. Pull your head in. If you don’t have the money, don’t spend it. Draw up a budget. And stick to it.

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Bruce Brammall Financial ( and author of Mortgages Made Easy.


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