Motivation is often lacking when it comes to managing money. What motivates you the most?


EXCUSE me!? Please issue a warning before asking questions like that. I’m choking on my Sunday roast as I write this!

Motivation? Lacking? Seriously? Who’s having that problem?

Something to motivate you should be easy! Backing your motivations with actions and sacrifices every single day is the “Tough Mudder” part.

My motivations? Making sure my family is looked after, whether I’m around or not. Ensuring I can give my kids the best childhood I can. Being in a position to choose when I retire (which I’m hoping is early).

That’s just a start.

Yours might be similar, or simply not wanting to live on the (declining) age pension, wanting to own your own home, saving for a holiday, or, damnit, just making sure your have enough beer money to last you through retirement.

But … it’s the backing of your motivations with sacrifices, before you make every financial decision, no matter how small, that can be truly painful (like an alcohol-free Saturday) to implement.

What are you prepared to do? There are the little things, like cutting back on a bought cup of coffee a day, eating out less, or buying a cheaper cut of meat for the barbie.

Far more importantly, will you sacrifice for the big things?

Spending less on your wheels. Updating them less frequently. Committing to a monthly investment plan, with an amount of money that is significant to you. Paying extra into the mortgage every month. Of potentially buying investment property. Salary sacrificing into super.

Don’t tell me about motivation. Tell me about your sacrifice.

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Bruce Brammall Financial ( and author of Mortgages Made Easy.


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