Melbourne Cup betting form guide … stick to real investments.

Melbourne Cup

Pick winners. Punt big. Celebrate hard. Shout lots of drinks when you win, so everyone knows you’re the bomb!

That’s the dream. The reality can be a nightmare when you’re half a pay packet lighter. How could you could be so bad at punting?

Melbourne during Cup Week is awesome. I’ve made it to Flemington dozens of times, but rarely bet.

I usually leave the track light-walleted by only a few drinks – okay, maybe a few more than that – and a buzz from the atmosphere. The people watching is the real highlight.

I used to have a philosophical issue with gambling. You’re designed to lose. It’s not like the stock market, or property, which are, generally, long-term winners.

Stocks and property are the tortoise in the wealth creation game, in the race against the punting hare. In that race, I’d prefer the sure-fire winner.

But I’ve softened. Had to. Last year I opened a betting account.

You’d barely call what I do “betting”. Usually on two-horse races (such as football), occasionally a horse. Rarely more than $5-10 at a time, often not for months. Why at all? It’s been a bit of fun with some mates and has made interesting some otherwise dull games of football. But I understand that I am, virtually, guaranteed to lose.

If you don’t have money to lose, don’t bet. Perhaps go in a small sweep. If you’re a once-a-year punter, have a limit and stop there.

If you take the money out of the equation, Cup Day is still a buzz all around this nation.

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Bruce Brammall Financial ( and author of Mortgages Made Easy.

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