Getting started in investing is often the biggest hurdle. How much money do you need to take the plunge?

Index investing with cash

You don’t need money! You need a mindset! One big cup of concrete to harden up, mixed with another cup of one of those sandshoe slogans.

About doing it, just. Michelle Bridges famously added an expletive into it.

Cue Eye of the Tiger from Rocky III:“… just a man and his will to survive.”

You don’t need no dough. You just need to make a decision that you will do more than just survive, in life, financially.

Just do it. I dare you.

Making that mental breakthrough is major. After that, it’s just a process that anyone can learn.

You start to save – that is, spend less than you earn each month. (Preferably about 10 per cent of your salary.) That’s investing in cash, which is as boring as bat poo, but it’s a start.

After a while of growing your cash investment, you can move on up. With an index fund, a listed investment company or exchange-traded fund. You only need a few thousand dollars to start. If you are starting out low, index funds are better, as you can add to them in small amounts every month.

Once you’ve got that start, it’s easy. Just make it a habit.

Investing is not about having “an amount of money” that you invest and pray it will turn you into a gazillionaire. That’s gambling – go buy a freakin’ weekly lotto ticket.

Investing is about putting away for your future. On a regular basis. Into quality assets. That will provide you with extra income, or capital, down the track.

It’s a habit. A habit of a successful person.

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Castellan Financial Consulting ( and author of Debt Man Walking.