Education is not always one-way traffic from parent to child. What can kids teach their parents about money?

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Nothing, apparently. Not my kids. No way. And even if they could, it would, at best, only be the bad habits learned from watching Mrs DebtMan burning the plastic fantastic at the shops.

But just in case, I asked DebtGirl: “Is there anything you think you could teach Daddy about money?”

A mild panic crossed her gorgeous little face. The look said: “Trick question Daddy?” She answered with a question anyway. “No? You can buy things at the shops?”

At my kids’ ages, all of the money education is currently one-way. But I’m sure, in time, the tables will turn.

With Generation Z, I’m hoping they learn money lessons earlier in life than my brother and I did. I’m hoping they’ll learn to put away 10 per cent of their income from their first paycheque.

I’m hoping they won’t have to worry about financial security and identity theft and fraud as much as we do (though I reckon it will only get worse).

I’m hoping they’ll find, and pass on to me, new ways of not wasting money, of saving money, or making it go further. I’m hoping that won’t involve ripping off others’ copyright by downloading everything for free.

But I’m sure most of what they do end up teaching me will blow me away. It will probably be technology based – ways with money that their old man will struggle to comprehend. Much the same as we now take the mickey out of Kerrin’s Retirees generation (right) and their slowness to adopt new technology.

Bring me the knowledge, my little ones!

Bruce Brammall is the principal adviser with Bruce Brammall Financial ( and author of Mortgages Made Easy.

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